'Sharia Law' to be implemented in PAK too, Imran said- Islam is religion of peace, but...

Islamabad: Pakistan PM Imran Khan, who has been a member of the Taliban in Afghanistan before and after the Taliban's occupation, wants to enforce the sharia law of Islam in his country in a Taliban manner. He has also taken the initiative for this. Imran Khan on Sunday announced the formation of the 'Rahmatul Lil Alamin Authority.' Imran Khan has also stated the purpose. He has said that the main objective of the Authority is to make Pakistan's education system in accordance with Sharia law. The decision has made Imran clear his intentions as to in which direction he wants to take the country.

The Imran Khan government's decision is said to have formally laid the foundation for Taliban law in Pakistan as well. PM Imran Khan said the department will study how one can learn from the life of the Prophet. Addressing the Ashara-e-Rahmat-ul-Lil-Alamin conference in Islamabad, Imran Khan said that the new authority will be formed by combining scholars who will be tasked with researching how to spread the teachings of the Prophet among children and adults and make it relevant to their lives.

Imran added, 'I will become a mentor myself, but we have started looking for someone who has written Tafseer's books, who has a hold on Islam and is a scholar.' Imran said, "He will have an international advisory board on which we will bring top scholars from the Muslim world – we have seen many names and are also contacting them.'' He said Islam is the religion of peace and humanity and the West does not understand it. Therefore, the Authority will also have the task of explaining Islam to the world. He added, "When they tell the world about the life of the Prophet, people will understand that Islam is the religion of humanity.''

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