Shashi Tharoor summoned by Twitter, FB for 'Hindu Pakistan' jibe

Jul 14 2018 09:33 AM
Shashi Tharoor summoned by Twitter, FB  for 'Hindu Pakistan' jibe

KOLKATA: While facing criticism for making the controversial 'Hindu Pakistan ‘comment Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor and MP from Tiruantapuram, sued in Kolkata and summons issued through Microblog website Twitter and FB for the same.

  He has now booked for allegedly ''insulting the nation, hurting religious sentiments and distorting the secular fabric of the country.''

As per the reports, a case under Section 153A/295A of the Indian Penal Code and Section 2 of The Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971 has been lodged against Shashi Tharoor by a Kolkata-based advocate Sumeet Chowdhury.

In his grievance against the senior leader of Congress the petitioner alleged that Tharoor has issued public comments whereby he has said that if Indians vote for a particular party (BJP) in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, it will turn India into 'Hindu Pakistan' and will destroy the Constitution of the nation.

Chowdhury further alleged that Tharoor has even denied apologizing for his remarks which are in totally unethical.

This has harm the religious sentiments of the people of the nations, insulted the Constitution, and has been intended to make great clash and disharmony based on the religious split, the petitioner alleged.

Advocate Chowdhury said that Tharoor has also slighted Indians by making comparisons between an 'Islamic State' like Pakistan with a 'Secular State' like India.

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