Shatrughan Sinha Wanted to Fulfill One Last Wish Before Rajesh Khanna's Death, Regrets Not Being Able to Do So to Date
Shatrughan Sinha Wanted to Fulfill One Last Wish Before Rajesh Khanna's Death, Regrets Not Being Able to Do So to Date

In a recent interview, actor and politician Shatrughan Sinha opened up about his friendship with Rajesh Khanna and the rift that developed between them during the 1990s. Sinha revealed that despite being close friends, their relationship suffered a setback during a by-election in 1992. Sinha was contesting the election as a candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), while Khanna stood on the Congress ticket. Reflecting on the incident, Sinha expressed regret over contesting against Khanna and acknowledged that politics had damaged their friendship.

Sinha explained that he wasn't personally challenging Khanna but was following his party's decision on contesting elections. However, Khanna perceived it differently and became upset with Sinha. Despite Sinha's efforts to reconcile, their relationship remained strained for a long time. Sinha even wished to apologize to Khanna while he was hospitalized but sadly, Khanna passed away before Sinha could do so.

Expressing his remorse over missing the opportunity to mend their friendship, Sinha recalled the moments he spent contemplating their strained relationship. He revealed that even after their altercation during the elections, he had hoped to restore their bond. However, despite his efforts, their friendship never fully recovered.

Sinha shared a poignant moment when he realized the impact of their rift on his life. He recounted how he vowed never to contest elections against his friends after losing not just an election but also a friend. He emphasized that this incident taught him a valuable lesson about the importance of relationships over politics.

Rajesh Khanna, who battled liver issues, took his last breath in 2012. After decades with the BJP, Khanna joined the Congress party in 2019. Sinha's revelation offers a glimpse into the complexities of friendships in the tumultuous world of politics.

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