Sheep put the woman to death, the court gave shocking punishment"

Many shocking cases keep coming up these days. Now after knowing the matter that has come to the fore, your senses will be blown away. In fact, this matter is from the African country of South Sudan and at this time this matter is making headlines all over the world. In fact, here a sheep killed a woman, after which the court convicted her and sentenced her to 3 years' imprisonment. You may not believe it, but it is true. With this, this matter is quite surprising. By the way, it is usually seen that in anger, animals kill anyone, pick them up and slam them, but death?

By the way, animals do not understand that it is wrong to kill and beating and killing someone in that too is a crime according to the law. That's why they do everything. If a crime is committed by humans, then the court punishes them accordingly, but if a sheep is punished according to human law, it is a shocking matter. In fact, according to the information received in this case, the sheep of a person named Duony Manyang Dhal had for some reason killed a 45-year-old woman named Adhieu Chopping, in which she was badly injured. Went. After that she was no more in this world.

In this case, it is being told that during the sentence, the sheep will remain in the headquarters of the Aduel County Military Camp in Lex State, Sudan for three full years. Since there was no fault of the sheep owner in this case, he was not sentenced, but despite this, the court ordered him to give 5 cows to the woman's family as compensation. Yes and apart from this, the court also ordered that when the sheep comes back after completing its sentence, it should also be given to the victim's family.

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