Know story and significance of Sheetala Ashtami

Apr 04 2021 05:15 AM
Know story and significance of Sheetala Ashtami

Every year, Sheetala Ashtami is celebrated on the Krishna side of Chaitra month. It is also called Basoda Ashtami. This is the eighth day of Holi. Sheetala Mata is adored on this day. This year Sheetala Ashtami will be celebrated on 4th April. Food is not made in homes on this day. Mata Sheetala is offered stale food. For this day food is made a day before.

Story of Sheetala Mata:-
According to the legend, one day the old woman and her two daughters-in-law kept the fast of Sheetala Mata. It is customary that stale rice is offered and eaten on the day of Ashtami. The daughters-in-law prepared fresh food in the morning. Both had children. Because of this, they feared that stale food might harm them. After some time, the children of both women died suddenly. As soon as the news was received, the mother-in-law drove the daughters-in-law out of the house. The daughter-in-law left the children with dead bodies. In the middle passage, she stayed in a rest. There they found two sisters, Sheetala and Ori. Both were very upset with lice in their head. The daughters-in-law cleaned the heads of both sisters. Sheetala and Ori blessed both women. Hearing this, both started crying and told the bodies of their children. Seeing all this, Sheetala said that he has received the fruits of his actions. Hearing this, both of them understood that this happened because of cooking fresh food on the day of Ashtami. All these daughters-in-law apologized to Mata Sheetala. After this, the mother revived both the children.

Sheetala Ashtami Shubh Muhurat:-

Sheetala Ashtami Puja Muhurat from 6.08 am to 6.41 pm. The total duration will be 12 hours 33 minutes. Sheetala Saptami to be celebrated on Saturday.
Ashtami begins on April 4, at 4:12 am. While it ends on April 5, at 2:59 pm.

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