Shehnaaz Gill got emotional amid interview, remembered SID and said this...

Shehnaaz Gill, known as Katrina Kaif of Punjab, is currently seen in the film Honsla Rakh. She is being loved a lot in this film. All of you must have seen Shehnaaz Gill in Big Boss 13. She was paired with Sidharth Shukla on the show but Sidharth is no longer in the world. Shehnaaz Gill is left alone. There was a time when the duo was one of the most talked-about couples in B-Town but now the two have parted ways and Shehnaaz Gill is in shock. There was a time when fans tagged the two SidNaaz and now after Sidharth left this world people are seen saying SidNaaz Forever. However, about 1 month after Sidharth Shukla's death, Shehnaaz has taken over and returned to work.

Shehnaaz Gill is currently promoting her recently released film Honsla Rakh. So far Shehnaaz Gill has given interviews to several media houses. Meanwhile, during an interview, Shehnaaz appeared to be lost a lot. During an interview, she also remembered her love, Sidharth Shukla, and Shehnaaz's eyes moistened. In fact, during an interview, Shehnaaz, Diljit and Sonam Bajwa were asked to talk about each other's shortcomings. Here Diljit and Sonam tried to brush aside the question but Shehnaaz took the matter forward. Talking about Diljit, Shehnaaz said, 'He has a good personality and I thought it would be fun to work with him but she is not comfortable in her first meeting with anyone. I asked them to create that comfort zone with me the next time we work together. We don't talk normally. We worked directly on the camera and it's difficult for me. It will be easier for me if you talk first.'

Meanwhile, Sonam also admitted that it takes time for her to open up to others and said that it is a quality that some people have. Meanwhile, Diljit also jokingly said that he feels that he is in Bigg Boss. Shehnaaz smiled at his style and said, 'That's why I was a queen, I was the heroine of Bigg Boss 13.' Sonam called him a hero but then Shehnaaz interrupted and said, 'I was the heroine of Bigg Boss, the hero was someone else.' In the meantime, it was clear from her that Shehnaaz spoke of Sidharth. Sidharth and Shehnaaz will soon be seen in a music video called 'Habit.' SidNaaz's song is releasing on October 21.

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