Shehnaaz gave first interview after Sid's death, spilt pain

Recently, Bigg Boss 13 winner and television superstar Sidharth Shukla passed away on September 2 after a heart attack. After Sidharth's death, his girlfriend Shehnaaz Gill was badly broken. Whoever saw Shehnaaz Gill at Sidharth Shukla's funeral had his eyes filled with tears. Not only that, Shehnaaz had not yet come out publicly after Sidharth's death but now months later Shehnaaz has become active in promoting her upcoming film 'Honsla Rakh.'

She said something about Sidharth a little that made her feel so badly and told she was shocked by Sidharth's death. Whenever a movie is promoted, obviously the artist talks to the artist about their character and the concept of the film. When spoke to Shehnaaz about her character and her real life played in the film, she said that when we love someone, we share this emotional attachment with that person and with that attachment mine proportionate calculation is done. Accordingly, I find myself 40 per cent attached to the mother's character in this song. Now everyone knows what place Sidharth had in Shehnaaz's heart.

The same Shehnaaz is playing the role of a mother in this movie, so she felt very attached to this character. She said for this role, 'Pyaar Jo Hai Na means mother's love, that only mother knows and I can feel mother's love.' Because only a mother knows how much my mother loves me. What's a mother's love and I have been able to feel it with this character.

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