Sheila Dikshit meets Arvind Kejriwal over water, power issues

Jun 12 2019 02:55 PM
Sheila Dikshit meets Arvind Kejriwal over water, power issues

New Delhi: with less than a year left in the assembly elections now, all opposition parties have tackled the Delhi government. In this connection, a team of Congress leaders headed by Sheila Diktat on Wednesday Met Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

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According to information received, these Congress leaders had reached out to Kejriwal about the problem of water and electricity of Delhi. Congress says that the Delhi government has deposited the fixed charge on electricity so much money has been accumulated that the delis can be given electricity free for six months. The Delhi government should give free electricity to all for six months.

With this, the Congress also demanded that the delis should be provided adequate and smooth water for drinking purposes. In many areas of Delhi, people are reeling under water scarcity and the Delhi government should look into it. However, the outcome of the meeting has not yet come out. The Congress has accused the Kejriwal government of looting the Delhities through power utilities.

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