Shekhar Kammula to team up with Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi

Jun 19 2019 05:48 PM
Shekhar Kammula to team up with Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi

The film "Fida" has been released in 2017 and has already taken place two years ago, but there is no word about the next film of the talented Shekhar Kammula. Despite such a big hit, it looks like the director has yet to make any announcements about his upcoming film.

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According to information, an update is that Kammula is directing a dance-based film with all new actors and it was rumored to be presenting a relative of Asian cinema as a hero through the film. However, after the teaser unfolded before or at least the picture of the film shooting, the director has actually switched the main actors to his next.

At the same time, recently, the talented filmmaker who has carved films like Anand and Godavari has come up with another female-centric script and for that, Naga Chaitanya has got it. And he's going back to his Fida actress Sai Pallavi to do the lead role. Once Shekhar Kammula took over the project, we heard that he would start shooting this new film without wasting time. Perhaps this is the first time Kammula has already planned something and we have to see how it happens.

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