This model used to have sex for money, Makers used to take her to room on pretext of dinner in Bollywood...

Feb 11 2020 06:00 AM
This model used to have sex for money, Makers used to take her to room on pretext of dinner in Bollywood...

Today is the birthday of Bollywood actress and model Sherlyn Chopra. She is an excellent model and has taken the hearts of everyone with her modeling. She remains in the headlines due to her boldness but more than that nowadays she is in the discussions due to her new and sexy videos. Sherlyn was once in a lot of discussions because of her statement. Once she had revealed something which was shocking. During that time she had said, "I get offers on my Twitter and, from many people who want to make physical relations with me by paying money. So I want to tell that I have sex for money." She has changed a lot since she returned from Los Angeles in July. Sherlyn went to Los Angeles for a Playboy shoot.

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She had said, 'My concussion level has changed since I returned from Los Angeles in July. I am enjoying being bold."  Sherlyn further said, 'I also enjoy sex in pictures and videos. I enjoy sex when sexuality reaches the point of being uncontrollable. Sorry to disappoint you but now I do not have sex with money. Because I have realized that now I do not enjoy it." With this, she said, "You can ridicule me or call it absolutely absurd or believe the truth of this matter."

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She was also in discussions to explain the meaning of dinner in Bollywood. She once said, "Initially, when I approached the producers for work, introduced myself, he used to call me for dinner. I used to say that my dinner was done at home, now what to have dinner in your office. Gradually it became known that in Bollywood, there is another meaning of calling for dinner. Later I decided that I would only meet such film makers who are sensible, preferring work and talent. Usually, dinner means food, but those whose intentions are not clear, they combine dinner with lust. This should not be done to these people, we bring dreams from different cities and people here show the wrong path. Now I do not want to name anyone here, there was no one, there were many people, who used to call me for dinner in the same way. By talking about them anyway, why unnecessarily give them publicity."

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