Shiv Shakti fame actor reacted to the mythological show, said- 'Audience wants masala'
Shiv Shakti fame actor reacted to the mythological show, said- 'Audience wants masala'

Actor Ram Yashvardhan is currently seen in the show "Shiv Shakti - Tap Tyag Tandav," where he portrays the role of Lord Shiva. His acting has been well-received by fans, earning him significant name and fame through the show. Recently, the actor discussed the concept of creative liberty in mythological series.

In a conversation with DNA India, Ram mentioned, "Today's audience demands drama and entertainment, and if they don't get it, they won't watch the show. If they don't watch, such mythological series won't make it to TV. This applies to everyone. We get a bit of creative freedom, but within our limitations, ensuring the truth isn't altered. We can change the perspective of how we present it, make an event look grander. There's creative liberty, but you can't change the truth."

He further added, "Everyone making mythological series is doing a great job, and each comes with their perspective. The image of Shiva in my eyes might not be the same in yours. In my view, Shiva might have a beard, while in yours, he might be clean-shaven. You might see him as a bodybuilder, and I might see him as a lean, ascetic figure with long hair. Everyone has their own perspective."

The actor has previously appeared in shows like "Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan," "Laxmi Narayan - Sukh Samarthya Santulan," "Papanashini Ganga," and "Uday." Ram Yashvardhan enjoys a strong fan following and is quite active on social media.

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