Chant these names of Lord Shiva and get rid of your problems
Chant these names of Lord Shiva and get rid of your problems

Lord Shankar has many forms and names and each name has its own glory. Special power is hidden in his name. This power can be the source of happiness in life by destroying all the problems. What is the importance of chanting different names of Lord Shiva. You will get employment under the name 'Vishwambhar' - Use the 'Vishwambhar' name of Lord Shiva for the job. While eating and drinking, keep chanting 'Vishvambhar' name of Lord Shiva. Your employment problem may soon go away. Maheshwar's name will run the business- To increase business, use the name' Maheshwar 'of Lord Shiva. Chant this name and go to work. Every business problem will be solved and success will be found.

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Jeevansathi's behavior will improve with 'Ashutosh' - Use the 'Ashutosh' name of Lord Shiva to remove conflicts with your spouse. Chant this name after getting up in the morning and before going to sleep at night. Your spouse may start to behave better. Get good health under the name 'Mahadev' - In the morning take a bath and offer water to Shiva in the temple and chant 'Mahadev' name for at least 15 minutes. This will improve your health amazingly. 'Treating children with Rudra will improve- In the afternoon, chant "Rudra" for 15 minutes. After this, after naming your child 11 times, his/ her behavior can improve.

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'Nataraja' will give honor and respect- Use the 'Nataraja' name of Lord Shiva to gain fame and name. In the Pradosh period, chant Shiva's name 'Nataraja' 108 times. This will increase your respect, name, and fame. 'Baba' will drive big disaster - Lord Shiva's 'Baba' name has the power to avert the worst disaster. The more you chant this name of Shiva, the greater will be the benefit. Lord Shiva will open the door to salvation- for attaining salvation, chant only the name of Lord Shiva. While chanting the name of 'Shiva' while meditating on Shiva, you definitely get the result. If a simple person gets a mantra named 'Shiva' then it would be best.

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