Shivaay exposes Daksh at the press conference

Aug 09 2018 11:04 AM
Shivaay exposes Daksh at the press conference

Shivaay, in front of his family, announces that everybody should reach the venue on time where he has arranged a press conference.

Daksh hugs Shivaay and tells him that he is very happy to know about Priyanka’s wellness.

Anika walks up to Daksh and warns him to go to Shivaay and tell him the truth that he is the one who has created all the mess in Priyanka’s life. She threatens him that she will tell everyone about his truth, with proof, at any cost.

Daksh goes to Shivaay and tells him that Anika still doubts him and wants to throw him out of Priyanka’s life.

Shivaay tells Daksh that he would soon transfer the Priyanka’s share of the property to his name. Daksh smiles and is extremely happy to think of it.

Anika, while getting ready drops her Mangalsutra. Shivaay holds it and suddenly Priyanka arrives. She asks Shivaay the reason behind him hiding such a big truth from her. She makes Shivaay stand next to Anika and then she hugs him.

They leave for the press conference. At the press conference, a lot is revealed about Daksh. Everyone realizes that he was the one at fault.

Shivaay apologizes to Anika in front of everyone for doubting her.

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