Shivpuri: Ambulance driver left a patient to die on highway

Jun 01 2021 11:24 AM
Shivpuri: Ambulance driver left a patient to die on highway

Shivpuri: Something has happened recently in Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh which surprised everyone. In fact, the negligence and anger of an ambulance driver here killed a TB patient. As per the information received in the case, the ambulance driver dropped the TB patient his wife and 25-day-old daughter on the middle road and the patient died. Police reportedly rushed to the spot on receiving information but the patient died before reaching the hospital. Police are now on the lookout for the ambulance driver in the case. According to reports, the patient was being brought to Shivpuri from Gwalior.

Meanwhile, the patient got into an argument with the driver over something and the ambulance driver left them on the middle road. The patient is said to be Neerendra who was coming to Shahpura in Shivpuri from Gwalior with his wife and child. The patient had given 2,000 rupees to the ambulance driver to go to Shahpura. In this case, Neerendra's wife Rachna said that her husband was already very upset due to illness and started crying on the way.

The driver then left everyone on the road. In the case, SP Rajesh Singh Chandel said that police had received information that a man was assaulting his daughter, but when we reached there, the wife told the police about all the incident. He further said that police are looking for an unidentified ambulance driver in the case.

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