Shiv Sena slams CM Kumaraswamy, said this on Karnataka drama

Jul 22 2019 11:52 AM
Shiv Sena slams CM Kumaraswamy, said this on Karnataka drama

Mumbai: In its mouthpeace Saamana, Shiv Sena slammed Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy. Saamana reads, "The political spectacle that is currently beginning in Karnataka will end today, it is difficult to say. The majority must be decided in the Parliament or the Assembly House. But sitting in a majority, Karnataka's CM Kumaraswamy is losing time to discuss the assembly.

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The Shiv Sena has further stated that they should have voted directly to defend democracy, but their breath is stuck in the chief minister's chair that it is not missing. "The Supreme Court has also intervened in the matter and f15 rebel MLAs are in benefit." the Governor, Assembly Speaker and Kumaraswamy said in the face of these three main characters. Thus they are having fun. It is not mandatory for 15 rebel MLAs to appear in the Assembly and cannot be prosecuted under the Defection Act in violation of the Whip, the Supreme Court had on July 17 ordered such an order.

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Kumaraswamy further wrote that Kumaraswamy had filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking a larger explanation of the verdict. He will be heard on Monday. This meant that by Monday, Kumaraswamy had got a living donation. But what after Monday? Kumaraswamy does not have an answer. Monday if not Tuesday or ever again. Kumaraswamy will have to go before the confidence motion," Kumaraswamy said.

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