Maharashtra: Shiv Sena erupts over BJP in mouthpiece saamna

Jun 11 2021 09:32 AM
Maharashtra: Shiv Sena erupts over BJP in mouthpiece saamna

Mumbai: Shiv Sena has once again targeted BJP in its mouthpiece Saamna. In fact, Shiv Sena has launched a scathing attack on BJP through editorials in Saamna. Saamna says, "The situation in UP has deteriorated to such an end that BJP has to resort to Brahmin votes through Jitin Prasada. Moreover, it has been written in The Saamna that "in UP, golden voters are getting away from BJP. So far, the BJP did not need any mathematics or face in the state but now it has to be done.''

Further saamna says, "Jitin Prasada, who lost the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh badly, has finally become the BJP. Jitin Prasada's arrival is being celebrated in the BJP. This is because of the ethnic mathematics of elections in Uttar Pradesh. If Prasad had such an influence on the Brahmin votes of Uttar Pradesh, why could he not divert these votes to the Congress?" Another meaning can be inferred that 'the pro-BJP upper caste voters in Uttar Pradesh are now moving away from them. So far, the BJP had not needed any more mathematics and faces in Uttar Pradesh. It was narendra modi who was the policy. Votes were being received in the name of Ram Mandir or Hindutva. Now, in Uttar Pradesh, the situation has become so bad that Jitin Prasada has to resort to Brahmin votes.'

Moreover, the editorial on the Congress condition reads, "The question is that even the remaining congress party stalwarts are now jumping off the boat. Then, does it mean it is happening only in Uttar Pradesh, no it's not so." In Rajasthan, Sachin Pilot has now warned the party leadership of farewell. Sachin Pilot and his supporters are already unhappy and have one leg out. Sachin Pilot had rebelled a year ago. He was somehow pacified, yet the discontent continues even today. The Punjab Congress has split and the opposition faction has waged a cross-border battle against Chief Minister Amarinder. The concern over that is compounded when leaders like Prasad leave the party and join the BJP. The congress is suffering from this fall. Moreover, a lot has been written in the face.

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