Shobha Oza resigns as chairperson of women's commission, levelled serious allegations against Shivraj government

Indore: MadhyaPradesh Commission for Women chief and Congress leader Shobha Oza on Friday resigned from her post. He alleged that the state government is not allowing the commission to function. Even after being in office for two and a half years, nothing was found for the safety and dignity of women. All rights have been taken away. Now women from other forums will struggle to give voice to their pain.  


Shobha Ojha tweeted from her official Twitter handle, "Shivraj government is playing with women's safety by paralysing the State Commission for Women, so I have resigned from my post from my post from other forums to continue my struggle to give voice to the sufferings of the sufferings of the aggrieved and exploited women by giving voice to the constitutional obligations of the post of chairperson of the Commission. '

Informing about her resignation, Shobha Oza has also written a letter to state CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, in which she has said, "I want to make it clear that by trying to dissolve the constitutionally constituted executive of the State Commission for Women, by engaging it in court procedures, your government has done an unjust and unforgivable act of depriving thousands of women of justice." The sin of sacrificing women's safety and their rights for the sake of political interests is completely unacceptable. '

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