Shocking! All 20 symptoms of Omicron revealed

New Delhi: There seems to be no relief in the rising corona cases at the moment. Most corona patients are infected with omicron variants. A variety of changes have been observed in the symptoms of omicron. These symptoms appear differently in each patient. The corona study ZOE UK provides information about all 20 symptoms of omicron. It also says how long these symptoms begin and persist in the body. Most of these symptoms are seen in most patients of omicron.

20 Symptoms of Omicron:-
2.Runny nose
5.Sore throat
6.Persistent cough
7.Hoarse voice
8.Chills or tremors
11.Brain Fog
12.Changing fragrances
13.Eye pain
14.Sharp muscle pain
15. Loss of appetite
16. Lack of fragrance
17.Chest pain
18. Inflammation of the glands
20.Skin rashes

How long do these symptoms last:-
According to health experts, the symptoms of omicrons are faster than deltas and have a lower incubation period. Symptoms appear in omicron patients 2 to 5 days after they are infected. According to British epidemiologist Tim Spectator, cold-like symptoms in general are of omicrons that last for an average of 5 days. However, wearing restrictions, social distances and masks has a huge impact and has also led to lower flu cases.

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