Amazing Facts: Shocking Facts That will make you surprise

Aug 19 2019 07:07 PM
Amazing Facts: Shocking Facts That will make you surprise

The world is full of wonders. There are many interesting facts that surprise you and will never be known about them before. The world is quite strange in itself and there are some unique events that take place every day. In fact, today we're going to give you some of the most unique and unknown stories that are shocking.

- A rooster named "Mike" survived for 18 months without a head.

- Iran had arrested 11 soldiers on suspicion of spying.

- Neil Armstrong had to pay customs after returning from the moon.

- Jupiter rains the hero on the planet.

- If it is possible to bend a paper 42 times, its thickness will reach the moon.

• By 1950, cigarettes were sold as health products.

- Sea shrimps do not die naturally or grow old.

- From the time of its discovery to the exit of the planet, the Pluto planet could not complete even a detour around the Sun.

- Once a competition that looked like Charlie Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin had lost.

- In 1932 there was a war between Emu (a bird) and the Australian army. In which Emu should be victorious.

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