Bride danced to such song at wedding that she got divorced at the same time!

All of you must have heard a lot of shocking news to date. Now, even today, we are going to tell you a piece of shocking news. Yes, in fact, this news is from Baghdad in Iraq. The groom divorced the bride because of a song here. Yes, you may feel strange to hear, but it's true. This divorce is considered to be Iraq's fastest ever divorce. In fact, as part of the information received in this case, the bride performed a song that hurt the feelings of the boy and his family. The groom then called the bride triple talaq in the marriage hall itself.

Yes, in fact, at a wedding ceremony in Baghdad, the bride was happily giving a dance performance to a song. However, the song went so far as to the groom and his family that the two sides first had a heated argument and then the matter escalated to divorce. The song the bride was reportedly dancing to was a Syrian song 'Mesaytara.' Yes and this song means 'I'll run you by my own accord' or 'I'll control you.' All this happened to the groom and his family and they divorced after arguing with the bride, calling the song provocative.

The groom's anger reached the seventh sky as soon as he heard the lyrics of the song. If we go to the lyrics of the song, it is like, 'You will be subject to my strict instructions. As long as you are with me, you will obey me. I am arrogant, I am arrogant.' After hearing the same lyrics of the song, the boy was so furious that he decided to divorce the girl in the marriage hall itself. Now the matter has become a part of the headlines and many are surprised about the matter.

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