Shocking! Found 160 years old water, is very different in taste

Apr 30 2021 04:03 PM
Shocking! Found 160 years old water, is very different in taste

Recently, it has been reported that the world's oldest water has been explored. It is said that this water is 160 crore years old. It has been searched by a geochemist at the University of Toronto's isotope Geochemistry and the water has been preserved at the Canadian Science and Technology Museum.

It is said to be the oldest water in the land so far. Technicians in the lab where this water test is going on repeatedly tell us whether this water can show whether life was ever there on other planets in the solar system. The taste of this water is very salty. It is 10 times more salty than seawater. Barbara Sherwood said she first visited Timins in 1992. He had then travelled within the Kid Creek Mine. Water, which is 160 crore years old, also contains an element called ingenium. The water samples are currently kept at the Canadian Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa.

These water samples were obtained from the Canadian ontario from a mine located in timins, a place in the north. This discovery gives direct evidence of microbial life in KidCreek. This will enable in-depth research on the possibilities of life on deep erasines in the near future. Not only this, this invention will also explore the life cycle of the microbes present in the lower surface of the water.

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