Shooting Details, Portraying Luxury: Charn Kamal Singh Vridi

Oct 26 2020 10:05 AM
Shooting Details, Portraying Luxury: Charn Kamal Singh Vridi

Automation and photography often appear to go inseparably. Regardless of whether you're a motor enthusiast with a camera or a picture taker with an energy for the works of art, the ideal car photograph can frequently appear to be unambiguously far off. 

Charn Kamal Singh Vridi is one such pioneering photographer who not only captures things for what they are but for what else they are. Born in November 1991, he majored in Bachelor's of Commerce with IT and is now following his passion for photography full time. Hailing from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, with over 6 years of mastery in this momentary field of photography, he believes that automobiles may be a mode of transportation, but they are also art objects. Know that an automotive artist purposely and artistically designed every detail of every car. We, as photographers, can explore that art, find the beauty, note how light plays across the curves and surfaces of an automobile, and use it to craft beautiful photos. He is consistently anxious to discover some new information and certainly wants to get something extraordinary in his works, something that addresses the individuals.

Charn Kamal Singh Virdi's essential enthusiasm for photography was consistently in Automotive photography. However, like many photographers, he doesn’t stick to just one thing and has occasionally veered from promotional photography to focus on the artistic side of his craft. He spends significant time in Automotive, Landscape, Interior, Food, and Lifestyle Photography. He has been cautiously sharpening his specialty as a Director of Photography too. He has so far effectively dispatched a couple of wonderfully coordinated recordings of numerous mainstream chartbusters. Expert Jatt by Nawab, Outfit by Guru Randhawa, Ferrari by Sukhi Sidhu Ft. Preet Hundal, Suicide Figure by Sukh E JSwag are a couple to name.

Inspired by photographers like Philipp Rupprecht, Arun M Nair, Daniel Böswald, Charn Kamal Singh Vridi has now himself became an inspiration for many out there. The young and ambitious photographer, with stars in his eyes has only scratched the surface of what he wants to accomplish. 

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