Shooting of Bhojpuri film 'Hatyara' will start from this day

Feb 18 2020 06:56 PM
Shooting of Bhojpuri film 'Hatyara' will start from this day

Bhojpuri film 'Hatyara' will be shot in Mumbai from March 15. This film is being produced under the banner of Indu Chandra Film Production. The producer of this film is director Brajesh Pathak, who said that 'Hatyara' is a commercial film. Brajesh said, "The strongest side of the film is its story. We are shooting the film on a grand scale. Who is the 'killer', it will remain in suspense. We are making the film in very good and Bhojpuri style, which is going to be liked by the audience a lot."

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Brajesh Pathak, while discussing about the film's cast, said, "We have done casting in the film to suit the story. The film will feature Suraj Samrat, Sanjeev Mishra, Manoj Tiger, Sanjay Verma, Ayaz Khan, Trisha Khan in the lead roles. While Manoj Dwivedi will be in a guest appearance. By watching the cast of the film, it can be inferred that our film is going to be quite balanced and entertaining. It will not be right to disclose the rest of the story right now. The genre of the film is romance and action. After completing all the preparations for this, we have started shooting for the film."

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The film's actor Manoj Tiger has also praised the story of the film 'Hatyara'. He said, "The film is good and the team is also balanced. Hopefully shooting is going to be fun and we are going to give a good film to the audience." The story of this film has also been written by Brajesh Pathak himself. The film has lyrics by Manoj Dwivedi, Harishchandra Rajput, and Sanjeev. The music is given by Damodar Rao and Suryakant. The singer is Ashish.

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