Are you also a victim of decoy effect? know what is this

Aug 25 2019 12:28 PM
Are you also a victim of decoy effect? know what is this

Your many will have heard of the many illnesses. That's what we're going to tell you today about the 'decoy effect' in which people spend more money. When buying coffee, you may notice that there are three size cup options. If you've chosen the biggest and most expensive option, you've been victims of the decoy effect. It intentionally offers an extra and less attractive option, which makes you willing to make more payments by choosing expensive options.

In fact, Harvard University psychologist Linda W. Chang says, "If you prepare options in a certain way, you can motivate people to buy expensive products."

The Decoy effect was first examined as a marketing strategy affecting consumer options. But new research shows that it has an impact on recruitment, health services, and even politics. This shows that our decisions can be easily influenced by the context in which facts are presented. Knowing about the decoy effect will reduce your prey. It also lets you find ways to encourage someone.

Psychologists have not yet been able to explain the exact cause of the decoy effect. One idea is that compared with decoy options we seem to find expensive options too reasonable.

This pattern of behavior has also been seen from beer to buying TVs and carts. An unattractive third option changes the preference between the other two prospects.

positive aspect

There are positive aspects of the decoy effect too. UK scientists are thinking of using it to motivate people to adopt healthy life choices.

Christian Won Wagner, a reader of behavioral science and health at University College London, recently tested people's intentions to go through an important but unpleasant test of colorectal cancer.

They found that many people opted not to conduct an inquiry if they had the option of conducting an inquiry.

When people were given the third option of conducting a check-up after a long wait at a less convenient hospital, they first began to prepare for the hospital check-up.

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