'Modi's govt is at center..', said Sakshi Maharaj on Shraddha and Nidhi Gupta murder case

Unnao:  Sakshi Maharaj, MP from Unnao Lok Sabha seat, has given a statement regarding Shraddha Walker and Nidhi Gupta's murder case. He said that such incidents are very unfortunate. Sakshi Maharaj said that these incidents are happening when Modi's government is at the center. People should have fear of the government. I feel that the killers should be punished in such a way that no one can muster the courage to carry out such an incident.

Sakshi Maharaj said that Shraddha was cut into 35 pieces, if this had happened to a woman of any other religion, hundreds of countries would have stood in her support. Sakshi Maharaj attacked the opposition regarding the Shraddha murder case. He said that after this incident everyone has kept quiet. The so-called secularists Rahul Gandhi, Mamta Banerjee, Akhilesh Yadav and Kejriwal are silent in this matter.

Sakshi Maharaj said, “I want to tell Hindu daughters that they should not think that our man is Abdul, he can never be Aftab. Those who did not belong to their parents cannot belong to us. That's why daughters need to be careful.'' Sakshi Maharaj attacked the Congress a lot because of this. He said that Congress has done the work of breaking the country. These people are the people who divide and do politics. They have nothing to do with the country. Due to the fear of Prime Minister Modi, Rahul Gandhi is talking about uniting the country today. He should first peep into his collar.

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