If you keep fast on Monday, then this story is for you

Jul 29 2019 11:58 AM
If you keep fast on Monday, then this story is for you

You all know that the month of Sawan is going on and Lord Shiva is worshipped during this month. In this case, Bholanath is worshipped on Mondays of Sawan and fasting is done on the same day on Mondays. Now today we are going to tell you the story that should be heard and read by this day. Let's know the story.

Vrat Katha: There was a moneylender in a city. There was no dearth of money in his house but he had no children, which made him extremely unhappy. He fasted every Monday to receive his son and went to the Shivalaya with full reverence and worshipped Lord Shiva and Parvati Ji. Seeing her devotion, her mother Parvati was delighted and requested Lord Shiva to fulfill the wishes of the moneylender. Hearing Parvati Ji's wish, Lord Shiva said, "O Parvati. Every creature in this world receives fruit according to his deeds and his fate has to be fulfilled." but Parvati Ji expressed his desire to fulfill his wishes to obey the devotion of the moneylender. At the request of Mata Parvati, Shivaji gave the moneylender the gift of son-in-law but also said that his child would be only twelve years old. This conversation of Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva was heard by moneylenders. He was neither happy nor sad. He worshipped Shivaji as before. After some time, a son was born at the house of the moneylender. When the boy was eleven years old, he was sent to Kashi for reading. The moneylender called the son's uncle and gave him a lot of money and said, "You take this child to Kashi for vidya and make a sacrificial fire on the path." Wherever you perform sacrificial fire, feed the Brahmins and go to Dakshina. Both the uncles and nephews performed the same sacrificial fire and went to Kashi to give donations to the Brahmins. There was a town in the night where the king of the city was married to a Virgo. But the prince he was about to get married to was eye-popping. The prince's father thought of a move to hide his son's kana. Seeing the son of the moneylender, an idea came to his mind. He wondered why not make this boy a bridegroom and marry the princess. After marriage, I will give it away and take the princess to her city.

The boy was dressed in the groom's clothes and married to the princess. But the son of the moneylender was an honest man. He didn't find it justifiable. She took the opportunity and wrote on princess Chunni's palla, "Your marriage is with me, but the prince with whom you will be sent is eye-popping. I'm going to read Kashi." The king did not send away his daughter so that Barat went back. On the other hand, the moneylender's boy and his uncle Kashi came and went there and made a sacrificial fire. The sacrificial fire was held on the same day the boy was 12 years old. The boy told his uncle that i was not okay.

Mama said, "You go in and go to sleep. In a matter of seconds, the boy's life was lost as per Shivaji's words. Seeing the dead nephew, his uncle began to mourn. Incidentally, at the same time, Shivaji and Mata Parvati were going from there. Parvati said to God, "Prananath, I am not going to bear the voice of crying. You must relieve the suffering of this person. When Shivaji went near the dead child, he said that he was the son of the same moneylender whom I gave the blessing of the age of 12. It is now out of age. But motherly Mother Parvati said, "Hey Mahadev, please give this child more age, otherwise his parents will also die in the disconnection of this.

At the behest of Mata Parvati, Lord Shiva gave the boy the gift of survival. By the grace of Shivaji, the boy became alive. By finishing education, the boy walked with his uncle to his city. The two walked to the same town where they were married. In that city also, he organized sacrificial fires. The boy's father-in-law recognized him and took him to the palace and invited him and sent his daughter away. While starving and thirsty, the moneylender and his wife were waiting for their son.

He vowed that if he received the news of his son's death, he would also give up his life, but he was very happy to receive the news of his son's survival. That night, Lord Shiva came into the businessman's dream and said, "Oh Shrestha, I have given your son a long life by happy to fast on your Monday and listen to the fast. Say no one fasts Monday or hears the story and reads all his sufferings are over.

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