Shrey Karia- the youngest businessman of India from the streets of Mumbai

Age is no barrier for the young Indians these days who have set out to confound stereotypes and carve out a distinguishable niche for themselves. One of the distinguished name is now added in the list of youngest entrepreneurs of India is Shrey Karia. 

The boy from the lanes of Mumbai is now awarded by the Times Iconic Award for the youngest entrepreneur of India. Shrey was born in Mumbai and has completed his education from Kingston University. 

Some people are born with the ability to innovate. They develop winning ideas at a young age, which they actively pursue and turn into success stories. They find ideas in their daily lives that we don't even notice and turn them into businesses. They don't let age or society hold them back from achieving their goals. While talking to the media Shrey shared that he has always been looking upto his parents as his inspiration towards the journey of his success. 

Finally his creativity and will to do something good for the society, his dream to give a friendly experience to the foodies was established in the form of Epitome & South Bombay Bar. 

Shrey has introduced a new concept to the industry of lounge and bar with his innovative idea of giving a comfortable menu option for the vegetarians who love to explore liquor but are kind of uncomfortable with the non-veg menu. So, Shrey came up with the Idea of vegetarian menu for the lounge. 

He added "The menu is designed in such a way where all age group people can enjoy their food without any hesitation. The idea basically introduces you to the system of converting fine dine into high energy bar 10 pm onwards." 

In the exclusive interview with the youngest businessman of India Shrey Karia, he walked us through his journey about his achievements. 

After creating a brand like Epitome and South Bombay Bar, Shrey is now set to create a multinational brand to try vegitarian and plant based cuisines. 

"Life is small, start young", these were the words of Shrey while interacting with the media when asked about one message he wants to give to the future entrepreneurs.

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