Shri Krishna said, "Remember these 7 words of mine... I will take all your pains

Shri Krishna has always asked his devotees to join him. Yes, we are going to tell you about the precious words of Lord Krishna that you should take off in your own life. Let's know those words.

1. Lord Krishna has said that the fruit of karma is found in the same way that a calf finds its mother among hundreds of cows.

2. Lord Shri Krishna has said that the soul is neither born nor killed, nor can it be burnt, nor can it be gilded with water, the soul is immortal and imperishable.

3. Lord Shri Krishna has said, "I do not build anyone's destiny nor give the fruit of anyone's karma.

4. God Shri Krishna has said that the action of a person or being creates his destiny.

5.God Shri Krishna has said that the soul leaves the old body just as man takes off the old clothes and wears new clothes.

6. God Shri Krishna said, What have you gone, which you cry? What did you bring, what you lost? What did you create, which was perishable? neither did ye bring anything, which he took; it took it; which gave it, which he took, which he took, from the same God; Who gave, given to the same.

7. God said, "What happened, that happened was good. What's happening is going well. Which will happen, he will do the same. Don't repent of the ghost. Don't worry about the future. The current is running.

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