Lord Vishnu said this to Goddess Devaki before going to womb

Aug 11 2020 06:00 PM
Lord Vishnu said this to Goddess Devaki before going to womb

Today is the festival of Janmashtami. This festival is considered very good and auspicious. Shri Krishna was born on this day. This year this festival is going to be celebrated for two days, which is today, August 11 and tomorrow, August 12. Today we are going to tell you what Shri Vishnu had said to Devaki before going to the womb?

Lord Vishnu as Krishna was born at twelve o'clock in the Rohini constellation of Krishna Ashtami of Bhadra month from Devaki's womb in the prison of King Kansa of Mathura. It is said that during the entry into the womb, Lord Vishnu appeared and told Devaki and Vasudevji the vision of his quadrilateral form and told him the secrets. During that time he said, 'O mother, the time has come for me to appear in your son's form. Three births ago when I gave the boon to appear as your son. At the same time, Sri Krishna tells the story of Lord Vasudev and Devaki's past birth and says, 'How did both of you do austerities in the Swayambhav Manvantar to receive me as Prajapati Sutpa and Goddess Vrishni. Then I said Tathastu three times, so I appeared as your son in your three births. In the first birth, you had a son by the name of Vrishnigarbha.

Then in the second birth when you were Goddess Aditi, then I was your son Upendra. I became Vamana and saved King Bali. Now in this third birth I am fulfilling my promise by appearing as your son. If you want to take full advantage of getting me as a son, then leave the love of the son and remain in the spirit of me. This will give you salvation in this birth. Hearing this, Goddess Devaki said, 'O Jagadishwar, if I had a longing for salvation, I would not have asked for salvation in the same day! No God, I do not want salvation. I want a mother-son relationship with you. God is pleased to hear this.' Then Goddess Devki says that by removing this quadrilateral form, you appear in front of me as a small child. I can only remember the relation between mother and son. Then Sri Krishna says Tathastu.

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