Lord Shri Krishna gives remedy teaches to fight with 'Corona'
Lord Shri Krishna gives remedy teaches to fight with 'Corona'

Ashwatthama became very angry when his father Dronacharya was killed in the Mahabharata war. He left a very terrible weapon "Narayana Astra" on the Pandava army. Nobody could retaliate it. It used to fire people and immediately destroy those who have weapons in their hands and are seen trying to fight.

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* Lord Shri Krishna ordered the army to leave their weapons and keep their hands folded quietly and said do not even bring the idea of war to mind, it also identifies and destroys them

* Narayan Astra slowly calmed down when its time expired. In this way, the Pandava army was protected.

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Justify this story

Everywhere the fight does not succeed, to avoid the wrath of nature, we should also leave all the work for some time, silently folded hands, keep a thought in mind and stay in one place only then we will be able to survive its havoc. The corona will also cool down by completing its time period. Lord Shri Krishna ji has said the remedy, it will not go in vain.

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