'Shri Krishna' took birth as Modi to end Congress's corruption: Agriculture Minister

Harda: MP Agriculture Minister and BJP leader Kamal Patel has called PM Narendra Modi an incarnation of God. He said Modiji was born to relieve a state of frustration just like Lord Ram and Krishna. The atmosphere was bad due to atrocities of the Congress, corruption and destruction of India's culture. Modiji has been born to fix this.

Talking to the media in Harda, Kamal Patel said that PM Narendra Modi is taking India towards becoming a world guru. They are eliminating corruption from India. He is ensuring the welfare of the people. All this is not just a matter of ordinary man. Whenever the threat in India has increased, atrocities have increased, our religion and culture say that God takes divine avatars.

He said that Lord Ram took the divine incarnation and established the Kingdom of Rama by eliminating the demon Ravana and other evil forces. To protect the people. When the atrocities of Kansa increased, Lord Krishna was born and ended his atrocities. He gave relief to the general public. Similarly, when the atrocities of the Congress increased. Narendra Modi was born to end corruption, casteism, destruction of our India's culture and created an atmosphere of frustration all around.

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