Rahukaal is starting at 12 noon today, do not do any auspicious work

Sep 11 2019 10:46 AM
Rahukaal is starting at 12 noon today, do not do any auspicious work

Nowadays people prefer to see the Panchang at the beginning of their day because after watching the auspicious time, there is a different pleasure of doing it. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about today's almanac. By the way, reading almanac every day in the morning is considered auspicious.

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It is said that the Panchang also gives knowledge of auspicious and inauspicious time and at the same time, the work done in the auspicious time is also good. It is said that no work should be started in Rahukaal and the day passes well by worshiping the Swamigraha of the zodiac and the constellation that the Moon is in. Along with this, Abhijeet Muhurta is also very creditable and must visit the temple every day. Troubles are caused by circling God.

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Today's Almanac -
Day- Wednesday
Paksha- Shukla
Date - Trayodashi
Nakshatra- Shravan

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Karan Kaulav
Sun sign-lion, Swamigraha-sun
Lunar sign- Capricorn, Swami-Saturn
Auspicious time - Abhijeet - Today is not an Abhijeet Muhurat.

Vijay Muhurta-02: 22 pm to 03:10 pm
Inauspicious Muhurta-Rahukaal - 12 noon to 01:30 pm

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