Promo of 'Shukranu: Hui Emotions Ki Nasbandi' released
Promo of 'Shukranu: Hui Emotions Ki Nasbandi' released

The Indira Gandhi government imposed an emergency across the country in 1975. After that, there was heavy opposition to that emergency as well. Many of the same issues came up. Common people were also very upset with some issues. One such issue was sterilization. The Indira Gandhi government created a sterilization program to curb the country's growing population. Many films have been made on this, but now a comedy film is coming. Promo of Zee-5 original film 'Sperm: Hui Emotion's Sterilization' has been released.

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This film depicts the story of one such young man who was a victim of forced sterilization at that time. The promo has been made quite fun. Apart from this, the promo starts with the voice of Vijay Raj. In this narration, it is said, '1975, India is moving fast towards progress. But according to the government, after nuclear and germs, there is a new danger in the country and that is sperm. '' Promo has shown that people are being forced into sterilization camps. 'Inder' is also present among these people. After sterilization of Inder, an oil box and some money are given.

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After this, another fun narration takes place, 'You know how much life, this government will not allow children.' Inder's character is playing Divyendu Sharma in this film. Apart from this, Shweta Basu Prasad and Sheetal Thakur are sharing the screen with them. Divyendu has previously appeared in the Mirzapur web series. This film of Zee-5 may be released on 14 February. In such a situation, there is a direction of Vishnu Dev Haldar. Vishnu has made two more films before this. He has received the National Award for the Social Issues category. Does the same thing have to be seen now how much this film makes people laugh?

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