Sibbu Giri – An emerging YouTube superstar of India

YouTube is a place which helps people around the globe to get information easily and quickly. The main goal of this platform is to give an independent platform to young content creators. She is a real inspiration who knows how to set up open entryways and make them accessible to the whole community. With such enthusiasm and drive who knows what this girl can do next with?

Sibbu Giri was born on 21 August, 1997 in Bahadurgarh, Haryana, India. Sibbu Giri started her career as a YouTuber in 2019. Before making her own channel, she works with Rachit Rojha (YouTuber). But In 2021, she made her own YouTube channel to make her own brand as she wanted to grow individually not just in a group and in a very short span of time gained more than 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Some of the videos on the channel have even crossed 10 Million views makes her one of the top girl YouTuber in India. The niche of the YouTube channel is comedy and some of her most popular videos are Indian relatives, Behan-Behan aur Bhoot, Bhai Behan or tuition and many more.

Sibbu has also collaborated with many popular YouTuber as well such as Rajit Rocha, Bakol Video, Aashish Bhardwaj etc.

Sibbu ensures her content is entertaining for a viewer for the entire time they spend watching her videos and gives in the refreshment punch to change a mundane day. Her acting skills are something we need to take notes of, and they’re near perfect.

In addition to the youngsters however her content is additionally valued by the youthful age. Also, the proof is the quantity of perspectives she gets on the videos which demonstrates the work and ability of the essayist, Sibbu Giri, who is placing her entire heart into this and making individuals giggle out of their upsetting everyday existence schedule.

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