SIDDHARTHA TANEJA : A young Entrepreneur living the essence of travelling by exploring the world

Who don't love to travel across the globe, exploring new culture, new cities,meeting new people, making new Friends and tasting a variety of food! Well it's a dream for many but Siddhartha Taneja is fulfilling those.

Siddhartha Taneja is a young 20 year old Entrepreneur who loves to travel. He is among those who believes in chasing their dreams and making best out of that. We expect a 20 year old guy to be a college student, right! But Siddhartha sacrificed his college last year just to move toward and achieve all his goals. He started travelling  to influence and  inspire the youth and conveying a message of loving oneself and the world. He believes that making memories is really important because memories are the only thing which will remain with us for a long time because everything else is temporary in this world.

Siddhartha is an active social media user, having more than 17.1k followers on Instagram,( His recent achievements are something to emphasize on, he has travelled to 7 countries in a span of only one year that on his own earnings. Those countries are:-Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Moscow. That sounds phenomenal.

Thus, carrying an influential persona to motivate and encourage others for chasing experiences and making memories, by travelling Siddhartha is becoming an ideal for many.we wish him all the best for his future.

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