BB13: Siddharth changed his game by cheating Shehnaaz
BB13: Siddharth changed his game by cheating Shehnaaz

The friendship of Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaz Kaur Gill won the hearts of viewers in TV's famous Bigg Boss 13. The name Sidnaz started trending on social media. Every guest who went to the house praised Siddharth and Shehnaz's friendship. A few days ago, Shahnaz also expressed her love for Siddharth. Apart from this, Siddharth has kept silent in this matter. In the last episode, it was shown that Siddharth is angry with Shehnaz. Siddharth did not mention why he is angry with Shehnaz. Shehnaz tried to ask him many times, but Siddharth said that he would go out and clear all the things. Meanwhile, nominations took place at home. In this, all contestants have to save one contestant.

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In this, Siddhartha goes first and he saves Aarti. Shehnaz flares up on this matter. She says to Siddharth - I Hate You. A promo of the same show has also come in which Aarti goes to talk to her after seeing Shehnaz weeping. In such a situation, Aarti says that I feel like I am coming between you two. In the same anger, Shehnaaz says, "Why do you come again? The matter escalates and Aarti says that I made a mistake that came to convince you." On this, Shehnaz says that you have got a new issue to fight now.

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The dispute between the two increases so much that Shehnaz angrily abuses Aarti, and after this Aarti's anger also rises. Meanwhile, Mahira tells Shehnaaz to keep quiet. And she tries to take Shehnaaz away from Aarti. Apart from this, Siddhartha stands silently watching all this. Earlier, Siddharth has completely reversed his game. He is now playing alone. Also, Shehnaz is shattered by this deception of Siddharth. Rashmi tells Asim and Paras Chhabra about this - "Siddharth is very important for Shehnaz's game. She is nothing without him."

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