Sidhu and Channi demand to start trade with Pakistan, wrote to Centre

Amritsar: After Punjab Congress unit president Navjot Singh Sidhu, state CM Charanjeet Singh Channi has expressed interest in meeting with him. 'I am urging today that the Central government begin commerce with Pakistan,' CM Channi stated. I'm going to write a letter and request sometimes. When I talked with the Home Minister the last time, I also stated that politics should be avoided.'


Earlier on Saturday, Punjab Congress chairman Navjot Singh Sidhu spoke to the press and called for the restoration of India-Pakistan commerce. He claimed that the closure of commerce between the two nations has harmed Punjabi merchants and resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs. According to Congressman Sidhu, India-Pakistan and 34 other nations exchanged for USD 37 billion. We're just trading three billion dollars right now, which is less than 5% of the total capacity.

Punjab has lost 4,000 crore rupees in the last 34 months, according to Sidhu. 15,000 jobs have been lost in the meanwhile. "I have urged previously and I am once again doing it to start drinking commerce," Sidhu said of India-Pakistan (India-Pakistan) trade. Everyone will gain from this.

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