Palmistry: If Trishul is made at this place in your hand, now its effects
Palmistry: If Trishul is made at this place in your hand, now its effects

Many things can be known about a person by looking at his hand. It is said that there are some lines and marks in the palm of the person and these lines and marks on the palm tell a lot about the person. Today we are going to tell you about those people who have the mark of the trident in their hands. This mark is not on everyone's palms, but those who get this target on their palm are considered very lucky and their luck is very good.

Palmistry: These 3 palm lines show person's luck

Trishul on Chandra Parvat makes a person imaginative and creative and such people are romantic. With this, if the Trishul is formed at the end of the heart line, then it is a sign of luck. Especially if it is under the Mount of Jupiter because such people are more physically, mentally and emotionally stronger than other people and this mark can be seen in the hands of people with money.

Palmistry: These lines and mark in palm is sign of prosperous and happy life

With this, if there is a sign of Trishul on the Venus mountain, it means that the person gets true love in life and such a person understands the feelings of others and also praises the good works. It is said that if Trishul is made on the Mount Mangal of the hand then it means that after a long and hard work, the person will get a lot of money and if Trishul is made on the upper mountain of Mars then the person becomes a successful athlete or police officer.

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