Significance of giving water to sun!

Jul 19 2016 04:35 PM
Significance of giving water to sun!

Sun is the source of energy for the whole universe. We cannot imagine even a day without sun. All living beings get the energy and vitality from the Sun.

Due to these qualities of Sun, it has been considered as sun God in ancient scriptures. In Vedic Astrology, Sun is considered as the signification of Health, eyes, social prestige, father and profession.

When Sun is weak, issues may happen in all the areas mentioned above. When we offer water to Sun, Sun gets strengthened and all the areas mentioned above get better.

It is especially a must for the people struggling with their health and profession. Procedure:  You should take bath and wear clean clothes before doing it. If you don't want to take bath, at least wash your legs, arms and face.

  • Take a copper vessel and fill it with water. Add either sugar or honey to it.
  • Go outside where you can see the Sun. In case it is cloudy and you are not able to see the Sun, you can still do it by looking towards east direction assuming the Sun is there.
  • Straighten your hands and take the vessel towards Sun and start pouring the water slowly. Look at the rays of Sun through the stream of water from the vessel.
  • Start reciting this mantra when you start pouring the water "Om Ghrinim Surya Adityamu"
  • Please pour the water with such a speed that before the water finishes you should have already recited the mantra for at least 11 times.
  • After this touch the water which is spread on earth with your right hand fingers and touches those fingers on your forehead.
  • Now make them wet again by touching the water and then touch them on both eyes and lastly on your throat.
  • Now you can leave the place. Try to avoid putting your feet in the water spread on earth while leaving.



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