9 Signs Your Best friend Is The One For You !

Who don’t want to be struck by cupid’s arrow, we all are looking for our perfect match but sometimes they are in front of us and we don’t realize.

Instead of looking for soul mate in numerous faces of the world some find the best man in their best friend.

Here are the signs your best guy friend is your Mr. Right:

1. No matter how busy he is if he still takes out time from his busy schedule to talk to you and hear about your rants then girl you have found the right man.

2. He teases you a lot makes fun of you but cannot hear a single negative comment from anyone then he is the one.

3. He remembers each and every detail about you, your favorite book, the way you like your coffee even your birthday and your silly habits than you have found a keeper.

4. Being with him just makes you complete. There’s no need of any physical contact from him just his mere presence makes you on top of the world.

5. When he makes you priority among all his friends and your friendship is not affected by any amount of girls hitting on him. You are still the most important person in his life then he is the man for you.

6. When you can talk about almost everything to him be it sex, periods you nail paints and he is always eager to hear and participate in that, then he is the guy you are looking for.

7. He do not judges you for your pasts and wipes your tear whenever you have a breakdown even if you are crying over a guy, then he is the one.

8. If h gets jealous when you talk to some other guy or when he is protective about you in front of other guy it means he is really into you.

9. Many of us try to find love of our life in this wide world but never realize they are sitting just beside you, so open your eyes and see you have already found your love.

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