Sikhism: 5 Guru’s 5 Shabads to remove obstacles
Sikhism: 5 Guru’s 5 Shabads to remove obstacles

Reciting and singing verses of Gurbani scripture in the original Gurmukhi, even without understanding all the words, is a powerful affirmation for removing obstacles to create change within the subconscious mind. These five shabads, hymns, and prayers, composed by of five of the 10 Gurus, promise that the path of one who meditates upon the Enlightener is free of blockages, misery, and suffering.


Sikh Prayers to Calm Down

It doesn't really matter whether you recite these sacred selections just once, 10 times a day for 40 days, 100 times a day for 90 days, every day for a year, or even for 1,000 days, as long as you focus wholeheartedly with rapt attention on the message of the divine Enlightener. English renderings and translations of phonetic Gurbani may vary in spelling and wording. These interpretations of the Guru's shabads are the writer's own.

Nanak Dev

First Guru Nanak promises that no obstacles are encountered by that sanctified one within whom the spiritual jewel of the divine abides:


"Saachaa naam salaaheeai saachae tae tripat hoe.


Praise the True Name, for it is through the True Name that satisfaction is found.


Giaan ratan man maajeeai bahurr na mailaa hoe.


The mind/soul cleansed with the jewel of spiritual wisdom does not become dirty again.


Jab lag saahib man vasai tab lag bigan na hoe.

As long as the Lord Master abides in the mind, no obstacles whatsoever are encountered.


Naanak sir dae chhutteeai man tan saachaa soe.

O Nanak, surrendering one's head, one is emancipated, and the mind and body become truly sanctified.


Third Guru Amar Das affirms that ego is eradicated, the soul is emaciated, and no obstacle bar the way when one conquers the mind by accepting the message of the Guru's shabad.

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Third Mehla:

Kio kar ehu man maareeai kio kar mirtak hoe.

How can this mind be conquered? How can it die while yet alive?

Kehiaa sabad na maanee houmai chhaddai na koe.

If one accepts not the Guru's instruction, egotism does not depart.

Gur parsaadee houmai chhuttai jeevan mukat so hoe.

By Guru's grace, the pride of egotism is eradicated and then, one is emancipated while yet alive.

Naanak jis no bakhsae tis milai tis bighan na laagai koe.

O Nanak, whom so ever the Lord forgives is united with Him, and then no obstacles block his way.

Raam Daas

Fourth Guru Raam Das affirms that those who meditate on naam, the divine identity, meet no obstacles, are revered by all, and the Divine Beloved comes to meet them.


Jinee gurmukh naam dhi-aa-iaa tinaa phir bighan na hoee raam raajae.

They who through the Guru meditate on the Name meet no obstacles along their path, O Lord King.


Jinee satigur purakh manaaiaa tin poojae sabh koee.

They who are pleasing to the Almighty True Guru are worshiped by all.


Jinhee satigur piaaraa saeviaa tinhaa sukh sad hoee.

Those who serve their beloved True Guru eternally obtain peace.


Jinhaa naanak satigur bhaettiaa tinhaa miliaa har soee.

Those who meet the True Guru, O Nanak, they are met by the Lord Himself.

Arjun Dev

Fifth Guru Arjun Dev affirms that no obstacles block the way of one who contemplates the glories of the Enlightener, and that such a one is greeted with ovations and served by all.


Bilaaval mehalaa 5

Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla:


Sehaj samaadh anand sookh poorae gur deen.

The Perfect Guru has blessed me with the profound celestial trance of blissful peace.


Sadaa sehaaee sang prabh anmrit gun cheen (rehaao).

God is ever my helper and companion, reflecting I contemplate upon His ambrosial virtues (pause).


Jai jai kaar jagathr meh locheh sabh jeeaa.

Triumphant ovations greet me across all the world, and every being yearns for me.


Suprasann bha-e satigur prabhoo kachh bighan na theeaa.

Supremely pleased is the divine True Guru with me, no obstacles block my way.


Jaa kaa ang daiaal prabh taa kae sabh daas.

Whoever has the merciful Lord God on his side, everyone becomes the servant of that one.


Sadaa sadaa vaddiaa-ee-aa naanak gur paas.

Forever and ever, O Nanak, glorious is the enlightening Guru.

Gobind Singh

In this excerpt from Choapi, recited morning and evening by devout Sikhs as part of their Nitnem daily prayers, Tenth Guru Gobind Singh affirms that those who meditate even once upon the divine identity are protected, freed of obstacles, all manner of miseries and suffering, and are blessed with spiritual and material rewards.




Jo kal ka ek baar dhiai hai. Taa kae kaal nikatt neh aihai.

Those who even once meditate upon You, death does not approach them.


Raachhaa hoe taahi sabh kaalaa. Dustt arisatt ttaraen tatakaalaa.

They are protected at all times, their obstacles are removed and their enemies vanish in an instant.


Kripaa dristt tan jaa-eh ni-ehriho. Taakae taap tanak mo hariho.

O God, whoever you behold with grace are instantly freed of suffering and their agonies removed.


Ridh Sidh ghar mo sabh hoee. Dustt chhaah chhaiv sakai na koee.

All temporal and spiritual powers come to bless them in their own homes and no enemy can touch even their shadow.


Aek baar jin tumai sanbhaaraa. Kaal phaas tae taa-eh oubaaraa.

Whomsoever even once remembers You, shall be liberated from the noose of death.


Jin nar naam tihaaro kehaa. Daarid dustt dokh tae rehaa.

That mortal who calls upon Your name is released from poverty, suffering, and the attacks of enemies.

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