Man attempt rape on pretext of giving 2 kilos of rice

May 21 2020 02:20 PM
Man attempt rape on pretext of giving 2 kilos of rice

In today's time, increasing cases of crime have become a matter of concern for all. At present, cases of crime are increasing in the lockdown. After hearing and knowing the matter which has come up recently, your senses will fly away. A marble contractor called a woman living in her neighborhood to give 2 kg of rice and tried to rape. This case is being reported from Siliguri in West Bengal.

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According to the information received, a woman from Dhanatla area of East Phulwari police station of NJP was called to the house by the neighbor Muzbir Rehman with the temptation of 2 kg rice. After the woman came home, Muzbir Rahman tried to rape her, but the woman ran away and reached her home in some way. She informed her husband about the whole incident. In this case, the victim's husband works as a marble mechanic at Muzbir Rahman's house.

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Muzbir Rahman himself is a marble contractor by profession and some time ago he also made an objectionable video of the victim. In her complaint to the police in this case, the victim told "on Monday when she went to Muzbir Rahman's house to get 2 kg of rice. Then he showed her objectionable video of her and tried to rape her forcibly by taking her inside the house. But when she did not succeed, he also threatened to upload the video on social media. Now the police has started investigation.

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