Silver, gold prices rise beyond 64,000

Gold and silver prices are once again rising in the Indian bullion market. In fact, gold and silver had become costlier in the past, although silver prices have caught fire today. Silver prices have crossed 64,000 today. Let me tell you all that the price of silver with 999 purity has gone up to Rs. At the same time, 10 grams of gold of 999 purity is being sold for Rs 48620. Tell all of you that the prices of gold and silver are issued twice daily. In this case, new rates come up for the first time in the morning and then in the evening. According to, 10 grams of gold with 995 purity is selling at Rs 484.25, while gold prices of 916 purity have gone up to Rs 445.36.

In addition, gold of 750 purity is Rs.364.65 and gold with 585 purity is selling for Rs.284.43. 64,404. In fact, the prices of gold and silver have been rising for two consecutive days. Let me tell you that gold with a purity of 999 purity has become costlier by Rs 370 today, while gold with 995 purity has become costlier by Rs 368. With this, the price of 916 purity gold has gone up by Rs 339. On the other hand, gold of 750 purity has become costlier by Rs 277. In addition, the price of 585 purity gold has gone up by 217. When it comes to silver, today, 847 expensive silver prices have crossed 64,000.

Let me also tell all of you that the prices issued by the Indian Bullion Jewellers Association (Indian Bullion Jewelers Association) indicate the standard price of gold of different purity. All these prices are before tax and making charges. The rates issued by the IBJA are widely accepted across the country though its prices do not include GST. Also tell you that gold or silver rates are higher when buying jewellery because they are with tax.

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