Simple exercises will allow you to feel every muscle.

Apr 23 2019 08:23 PM
Simple exercises will allow you to feel every muscle.

We have made three complexes that will help to disperse the blood and stretch the muscles, clogged from a long sitting. The first is suitable for stretching right on the workplace, without getting up from the chair. The second includes standing exercises that can be performed in almost any clothing. The third one is suitable for those who work at home or in the office with free rules, where you can spread a mat and do a warm-up in deep postures.

Warm up right on the chair

Before starting to warm up, move away from the table, move the basin to the edge of the chair, straighten your back, straighten and lower your shoulders. Adjust the chair so that your knees are bent at a right angle and your feet are on the floor.

Some exercises are measured in number of times, others - in the respiratory cycles. One cycle is inhaling and exhaling. Breathe deeply and measuredly, concentrate on the sensations of the body.

Semicircle head


Turn your head to the right, lower the chin down. Slowly transfer it to the left shoulder and raise your head. Imagine drawing a semicircle on your chest with your chin. Perform the exercise in the opposite direction and repeat two more times.

Sliding your head back and forth

Pull the chin forward, then retract it and pull the top of the head towards the ceiling. Feel the back of your neck stretch. Repeat the exercise three more times.

"Cat-cow" on the chair

Put your hands on your knees, pull the spine up. While inhaling, bend your back, stretch your neck, but do not wring it back, look to the ceiling. As you exhale, round your back, move your shoulders forward, press your chin to your chest. Repeat the exercise two more times.

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