6 Ways To Know If You Have Frustration Tolerance Or Not

Nov 18 2020 03:57 PM
6 Ways To Know If You Have Frustration Tolerance Or Not

Low frustration tolerance will lead to constant feelings of depression, anxiety, and dissatisfaction, so it’s necessary to grow your ability to tolerate frustration. You’ll be better equipped to deal with life’s unpredictability, ultimately helping you overcome hindrances. Optimizing your frustration tolerance has to do with our ability to manage feelings of frustration in ways that lead to emotional growth and the growth of new coping skills.

Problems of low frustration tolerance

Mental illness: Certain mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety can decrease a person’s frustration tolerance level. 

Personality: It depends on our character but only to some extent. Some people can naturally tolerate frustrating situations.

Belief: Our frustration tolerance can be monitored with our belief as well. If we think that life would be easy or people should always meet our expectations.

6 common signs of low frustration tolerance in people are:

1.Impulsive attempts to fix any situation rather than being calm and solve it. 

2.Excessive temporary discomfort in small things.  

3.Giving up quickly whenever you face a challenge. 

4.Getting angry about everyday stressors.

5.Constantly thinking of what you can't be. 

6.Avoiding any challenging situations. 

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