Singer Hemang Shah talks about starting a band and his other future goals

Hemang Shah has spent close to a decade entertaining us with his miraculous songs. His masterpieces are the darlings of a million hearts and why not? 

Of all the songs that he has sung, they have everything that you want: tuneful music, love-worthy lyrics and of course, his euphonious voice. All of this adds up to him being one of the best singers around.

Though Hemang Shah alone can do wonders with his amazing singing, he also has a deep desire to create his own band of unique musicians. Listen to this from him: "Among my numerous future goals, developing a music band is my prominent one. I have always dreamt of it and I’m confident that I will find souls with great, unprecedented talent, and together we will deliver chartbuster songs." 

Gazing at the tremendous pace of Hemang Shah's growth, we are very sure that this young soul will achieve his future goals very soon. 

Speaking of the goals, what do you think about them? Well, Hemang Shah believes that these aims push us to not limit ourselves and to bring out the best from us. The singer knows that he alone has the potential to rule and win hearts, but by creating a band, he will enhance his singing and persona. 

Sharing about his future plans, Hemang Shah also says that he wishes to open a music studio and work on bigger Bollywood films. Can you sense the joy of listening to his songs that feature our favourite stars? We especially can't wait to find out! Hemang Shah's songs are extremely hearty. Whenever the singer stood on the stage to bless our ears with his alleviating voice, the populace went... insane! 

A few of his magnum opuses include High Rated Gabru, The Wakhra Song, Pani Da Rang, Ban Ja Rani, Saadi Gali Aaja and more. We wish that Hemang Shah keeps entertaining us with more songs like this.

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