Singer Paras Thakral and his Journey as Singer.

One of the biggest YouTubers of India and youth sensation Paras Thakral has found another passion for singing. With his all-new debut song "Self Made" released he is crashing the musical chartbuster of the internet now. Already being a successful youtube vlogger and fitness coach has now also about to get another adjective with his name of a singer. The new song has just been released a few months ago and it has already gained more than 4 million views on youtube. This massive popularity on the internet explains itself the star power he has, which is really rare.

It is so crazy today one of the most popular celebrities and internet personalities Paras Thakral was once an ordinary salesman. Now a multi-talented individual Paras has mastered many things and is popular for his various skills of fun presentation of lifestyle through his vlogging and exceptional knowledge of gym and fitness, which he showcases through his youtube channels. These multiple skills is the reason he has gained millions of subscribers on the youtube platform and is popular all around the world for his content. Now with the addition of his singing abilities and songs he is all set to conquer new mountains again and expand his fanbase and scale of his success even bigger.

Music and Paras Thakral's relationship is very old. He was always fascinated with the idea of adopting singing as one of his career goals from a young age. Because of lack of opportunity and opposite circumstances, he never was able to do it but now everything is going well with his life. It is now a perfect time for him to follow his passion for music. It was a long road to climb but finally after years of struggle and hard work he was finally able to do it and made his every dream come true.

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