'Dil Ka Bura Nahi Tha Titu,' who was cut and hung by Nihangs, know what his wife said?

New Delhi: The entire area has been rocked after the body was found at the Singhu border in the morning. The deceased youth has been identified as Lakhbir Singh alias Titu, a resident of the Taran-Taran district of Punjab. Police registered a case of murder against unidentified persons in the case. Police say Nihang was standing around the body when they reached the spot. The police tried to interrogate him but they did not cooperate. Several videos have surfaced related to the cruelty dispensed out to Lakhbir. The incident took place in the middle of the night but was reported to the police at 5 am.

Talking to the media, Lakhbir Singh's wife Jaspreet Kaur said that even though she left Titu five years ago, the attachment was still there. Titu used to talk to his daughters on the phone. She said Titu was not a bad man of the heart nor had he ever wanted anyone else's bad. Titu's wife says that intoxication was a habit that he could not give up. She is confident that he must have done it under the influence of someone. He has been caught up in words by someone. Someone has done it by giving him drugs or inducements of money. She said Titu can never take this step. She has demanded the Government that if Titu has been misled by anyone, he should be brought to the fore. The reality should be ascertained by bringing out the one who has done such an act with Titu. Jaspreet Kaur has come to her in-laws with her younger daughter after receiving information about her husband's murder. The wife is sitting on the bed in a corner of the house.

Lakhbir Singh was the father of three daughters. He hailed from Cheema Khurd village in Taran-Taran in Marital Punjab. Lakhbir Singh's wife Jaspreet had moved to her father's house five years ago due to his addiction. Jasprit is accompanied by her three daughters. Kuldeep is 8 years old, Sonia is 10 years old and Tania is 12 years old. According to police, Lakhbir has no criminal record nor is he associated with any political party. Dalit Lakhbir Singh used to earn his living by working as a labourer. Raj Kaur, sister of the deceased, said he used to get up and down with the sisters after coming to Cheema. He had left home on October 13 after asking her to go to Mandi. She suspects that someone may have taken him to Delhi with the lure of money or by deceit.

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