Mother went to roam world carrying her disabled son on her back, story will make you cry

There is no one in this world like a mother and you will feel like crying after knowing or reading this story. In fact, it is said that God cannot be everywhere, so he made a mother. In today's world, a mother can go to any extent to save her child from every difficulty and give them every happiness. Now a story is in the news these days which is about Nikki Antram, a mother from Australia. This is the mother who showed half the world by putting her handicapped son on her back.

Yes, and at present, some beautiful pictures of this mother and son are going viral on social media. You will surely get emotional after seeing these pictures. Nikki Antram, 43, reportedly gave birth to her son Jimmy when she was just 17 years old. However, it was her misfortune that her son was born handicapped. Jimmy is handicapped as well as can't see properly. Or rather, he was a victim of blindness. Because of all this, Nikki has to take care of her 24 hours a day, and the mother never let her son's troubles come in the way of his happiness. Jimmy is now 26 years old, and Nikki has put him on her back and taken him from Hawaii to Bali and many places in the world. Nikki Antram hails from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in Australia.

Yes, and she promised to give her son a good life. As a mother, Nikki wants to give her son every happiness that a normal child wants. Nikki says she wants her son Jimmy to visit Canada before the corona spreads. Many pictures of this mother and son are currently going viral on social media which you can see here. Nikki Antram said she has to carry diapers, clothes, bed pads, bed sheets and pillows on her way on vacation. Now Nikki has practised putting her son on her back and she will move around in more places.

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