“I was first to use the term ‘Hindu Pakistan,” Communist Party leader Sitaram Yechury

The ‘Hindu Pakistan’ term which has put Congress leader Shashi Tharoor in trouble is now claimed by other politicians. Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Sitaram Yechury have not directly taken the responsibility that what the Congress leader has proclaimed is his words but said that the disputable term ‘Hindu Pakistan is firstly used by him to give a cautious remark to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to “not turn the country into another Pakistan”. He said: “I was first to use the term ‘Hindu Pakistan’”

Yechury was speaking to media where he informed that he used the term in the farewell debate in the Parliament. The responsibility that was taken by him is a huge thing as even other Congress leader too have fetched themselves out from the matter and said that Tharoor is at fault.

Notably, Tharoor on Wednesday addressed the gathering in a way that his speech has not taken much time to became debatable. He said: “If they (BJP) win a repeat in the Lok Sabha our democratic constitution as we understand it will not survive as they will have all the elements they need to tear apart the Constitution of India and write a new one.” and along with this also used the contentious term which is a crux of controversy.

The opposition party BJP catch the wrong term used and BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra while slamming Tharoor expressed that the words are “attack on the democracy of India and the Hindus of India.” Rajyavardhan Singh, Union Information, and Broadcasting Minister also stated the comment wrong and said that Constitution is sacred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP.

On the same proclamation, Congress leader Jaiveer Shergill departed himself with the controversial comment and said: “leaders of the Indian National Congress need to exercise caution…Governments will come and go, but India's constitution will not allow India to become Pakistan. I appeal to all Congress leaders and workers to be careful about the statements they make,”

Later, the man who is well known for his choice of words and vocabulary posted a clarification on his comment and has stated that the comment is “bizarrely misconstrued” by the opposition party BJP.

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